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"The artist's mission is to make the soul perceptible." - Alex Grey, Visionary Artist

I create artwork with intention - my work explores the symbolic, unseen, the energetic, the mythic and the sacred operating just outside contemporary awareness.

My work and life are influenced by the writings and drawings of Carl Jung and the writings of Joseph Campbell, the study of Shamanic and Druidic traditions, the works of artists Morris Graves, Dave McKean, Frida Kahlo, Klee, Rothko, and O'Keefe. I have engaged in a life long exploration of myth, symbolism, psychology, and the role of dreams and the subconscious in art and art making. My work is an expression of the sacred life force that connects all things.

The mandalas I create are portals, circles filled with possibility, symbolism, stories, and healing. My work with mandalas focuses both inward and outward while creating in meditative space. Focused intention, invoked in the sacred space of the Circle, through the use of symbol and color, a mandala is a meditation manifest in form. Mandalas can be used as a focus for meditation and journey visions, to bring a specific vibration into a room, as well as being a beautiful original artwork.

HeartVisions Studio is located in Happy Valley, OR.

Original paintings in Mandala Series - "Circular Meditations " on exhibit and available for purchase at Jessa Skin all natural day spa.

Contact Janelle with inquiries and/or to request your own commissioned original painting.

All work copyright Janelle Schneider and may not be used without permission from the artist.